Bhutan - Adventures



There are a lot of things to do in Bhutan after you have visited dzongs (forts) and temples. Bhutan's only sports centre is covered in Thimphu. There are many possible day hikes here in Bhutan specially in Thimphu.

Trekking: In the recent years, Bhutan has become a paradise for trekkers and mountaineers. Trekking in Bhutan is unlike anywhere else in the Himalayas. The walks are long but they are complemented by crystal air and views that defy description. Trekking through the hills of the country sighting rare botanical plants and herbs and encountering a multitude of colourful birds and rare animals: the Takin, Blue Sheep, Burket, Musk Deer and, in the lonely reaches of the high Himalaya, the elusive Snow Leopard. Perhaps, for all we know, even the Apocryphal Yeti!

Archery: It is the national sport and Sunday practice session is well worth seeing. Soccer, Volleyball, Golf, Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis are other popular sports.

Mountain Biking: Bhutan's mountainous terrain offers a fascinating adventure for Mountain biking enthusiasts. It is a new sport in Bhutan, but is gaining popularity with both Bhutanese and expats. Local cycling excursions in the Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang valleys offer a safer and less strenuous mountain biking experience.

Rafting and Kayaking: Rafting is a way to give tourists access to beautiful undeveloped areas of Bhutan. Though rafting in Bhutan is an infancy, those who have scouted the rivers feels that it has the potential for some of the best rafting on earth.

Golf: There's an international-standard golf course in Thimphu and there are small courses in Haa and Deothang. The course may not be particularly challenging to western golfers but it presents a lovely morning of afternoon’s respite after long days of driving