Bhutan District - Mongar



Mongar is a town near Bumthang. The seven-hour drive from Bumthang to Mongar takes you through one of the most spectacular roads carved into vertical cliffs, spectacular waterfalls and lush vegetation of Bhutan. Sound of the rushing streams and cascading waterfalls greets you as you look down at the valley looming in the distance below the precipitous rock face. Mongar marks the beginning of eastern Bhutan. The second largest town in the subtropical east, Mongar is built high on a gently sloping hillside.


Mongar Dzong:- It was built in 1930. A visit to Mongar Dzong shows one how traditional Bhutanese architecture has continued to thrive through the centuries. Although built in the 1930s and one of Bhutan’s newest dzongs, it is constructed in the same way as all earlier dzongs, without plans or nails.

Lhuentse (2,323m/7,621ft):- Lhuentse is 77 km. from Mongar (3 hours drive) and is one of the most isolated districts in Bhutan. The landscape is spectacular, with stark cliffs towering above river gorges and dense coniferous forests. The region is famous for its weavers, and their distinctive textiles are generally considered to be the best in the country. The Kurtoe region of Lhuentse is also the ancestral home of the monarchy.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Thrumshing La National Park Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary